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Anatomy of the placenta (Jovian)

C-section (Mel)

Epidural (Mel)

Fetal monitoring (Mel)

Induction/Augmentation (Mel)

Gestational diabetes (Yulia)

Pulmonary hypertension (Steve)

Heart rate monitoring during pregnancy (Mark)

Miscarriage and stillbirth

Traveling during pregnancy

Assisted reproduction

Advanced maternal age

Barriers to access to care (e.g. levels of care)

Family vs general/specialist obstetrician


Steroids in pregnancy

Preterm labour

Placenta previa

Placental abruption

Postpartum depression

Depression during pregnancy


Common complications in pregnancy

"Emergency checklist"

Placental abruption

Overview of maternal physiology of pregnancy (category) - placenta, kidney, hormones

Common tests during pregnancy - ultrasound, NIPT, glucose challenge...

Weight gain

Drug & alcohol use


Crystal Chan - Fertility

Sergio - Informatics/Access to care

John Kingdom - Preeclampsia

Rohan - ASA

Bas - TBD

John Snelgrove - TBD (Barriers to access?)

Careers in women's health (ultrasonographer, pathologist, obstetrician, L&D nurse, junior/senior scientist)

Cindy Maxwell - obesity

Kelly Murphy - clinical trials

Candice Silverside - cardiomyopathy

Michelle Hladunewich - renal disease during pregnancy

Nir Melamed - twins

Mike Sled - fetal MRI

Dora Baczyk

Jay Udell - postpartum cardiac health

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